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Who we are and what we do

At Milston Flower Barn, we believe in the magic of moments – and nothing enhances those moments like the perfect floral arrangement. Whether you're dreaming of minimalist charm, opulent luxury, rustic vibes, or timeless elegance, we meticulously craft bespoke decorations tailored to your vision.

Situated conveniently near some of the South West's most prestigious wedding venues we've become the premier choice for couples who settle for nothing but the best. 

Susanne Kennedy

Hello! I'm Susanne, the person behind Milston Flower Barn. My professional journey has taken me through the colourful landscapes of South East Asia, Australia, and Europe, where I worked in Business Consulting, Event Management, and Fundraising. These experiences have sharpened my eye for detail and deepened my understanding of creating memorable occasions for discerning individuals.

Building strong relationships with local growers and wedding venues is at the heart of what we do. It's essential for us to support the local community and ensure that we have access to the best and most beautiful flowers. Working closely with these partners allows us to seamlessly integrate our floral designs into the unique settings of each wedding venue, enhancing the overall ambience of the day. What truly drives me, however, is collaborating with couples to craft the perfect floral arrangements for their big day. Witnessing their vision come to life through flowers is what makes all the effort worthwhile.

At Milston Flower Barn, my goal is to design unforgettable experiences that truly reflect the personal stories and styles of our clients, making every event distinct and special.

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