Workshop with us!

At Milston Flower Barn we offer a selection of courses and workshops that teach a range of different skills required for wedding flowers, event and church decorations. 


We also provide Personalised Floristry Courses which can be designed for a group of friends and family in your own home or at Milston Flower Barn.    Please call us for more details and to arrange a free consultation.

Flower Arrangements

New Workshop Dates 'Sustainable Floristry Techniques' coming soon!! Follow us on social media to be the first to know!


In our 'sustainable floristry workshops' we have a very hands-on approach where participants will make their own arrangements using traditional methods like the Japanese Kaizen (better known as Flower Frog), moss, wood or chicken wire as a base for all kinds of  arrangements, and also traditional flower arranging vessels with metal cut out lids (you might have seen them in the charity shops!). And there is a small theoretical part in our workshops, too; I promise, it is not too long! We talk about where our flowers come from and what socio-economic and environmental impact the international flower trade has. We also discuss the pros and cons of floral foam and how it impacts not only the environment, but also your health! Another fun part of our workshop is to learn about seasonality and availability of English flowers. We love showing our participants the abundance of an English garden and that there is no need to ship the blooms from 6000 miles away. Forage, grow, shop local! No previous experience required!

Flower Arranging Workshop 'Mum & Me' (4).png


As with every project we are trying harder to be more eco-friendly, we are dedicating our next  flower arranging workshops to teaching sustainable techniques, using locally grown flowers and no floral foam! 

Bring a friend or two and learn how to make an amazing floral arrangement fit for a festive (Easter?) table. No previous experience required!

Centrepiece and Canapés.png


Join us for a jolly workshop at The Manor Estate in Winterbourne Stoke. Learn how to make your own Christmas Centrepiece, enjoy some delicious canapés and have a glass of something sparkling. Bring a friend or two, have a wonderful pre-holiday evening and walk away with a stunning table decoration! All sundries, foliage and fresh flowers included. Canapés provided by 'A Date With Thyme'

Wreath making WS 08.12.21.png


Join us for a festive afternoon at 'A Date with Thyme' Tearooms in Amesbury. Learn a new skill and walk away with a beautiful Christmas wreath for £45 per person. All foliage, materials and sundries included. Scrumptious food and drinks available from the wonderful Café. 

Flower arranging workshop 'Summer Blooms


Join us at Brushh Artisan Coffee & Co in Netheravon for an afternoon with flowers and friends.

Bring someone you love, have lots of fun and take home an amazing bouquet. Learn a new skill and walk away with a beautiful hand-tied bouquet for only £30 per person (incl. flowers & foliage). Scrumptious cakes and drinks available from the Café. What's not to love?!